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Value creation is the primary aim of Global Excellence Group. It is represented by drivers like innovation, people, ideas and brand.

At GEG, we believe, that putting value creation first in the right way, our managers will know where and how to grow; they will deploy capital better than our competitors; and they will develop more talent than our competion. This will give us an enormous advantage in building each corporate division’s ability to achieve profitable and long-lasting growth.

The guiding ‘value creation’ principle that the group inculcates in the senior management of each corporate division are:

• Connect with our customers and make it easy for our customers to connect with us.
• Structure business models with a recurring revenue stream
• Make sure the technology under - pinning our products and services have a long lifecycle
• Launch products that have ‘green’ features and benefits for the environment
• Build for a market not just for one customer
• Connect with our employees for improvement & new product ideas
• Make sure our people are paid for their performance and achievements
• Challenge our top performers and reinvent the bottom performers

These value creation principles help us sustain and grow as we cope with 21st century business challenges.